Must Attend Talks at the Money2020 Conference for Payments and AML Professionals

On: October 19, 2017

To say that the financial services sector is being disrupted is probably the understatement of the century. This, of course, comes on the back of a number of drivers, namely the increasing use of online and mobile banking, changing consumer expectations and new technologies, such as machine learning and...

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Top 10 Transaction Laundering Resources for Compliance Officers

On: October 10, 2017

Transaction Laundering is an advanced method of money laundering that runs rampant throughout the payments ecosystem. Despite the fact that it’s still below the radar of most KYC and AML professionals, forward-thinking compliance officers are taking it seriously. The reason? Liability. Imagine for a second that the players in...

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A Brief History of Money Laundering

On: September 28, 2017

With all the talk of anti-money laundering (AML) activities, and given the emerging threat of digital money laundering (a.k.a. transaction laundering) we thought it would be a good time to get a historical perspective on money laundering itself. Money laundering, not surprisingly, is as old as taxation itself. As...

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FTC Targets Transaction Laundering in Landmark Lawsuit

On: September 13, 2017

Does a lawsuit filed in Arizona by the US Federal Trade Commission signal a sea change in regulatory willingness to act aggressively against transaction laundering? A lawsuit filed in the United States District Court in Arizona at the end of July this year may be the tipping point in...

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[Webinar] The Future of Money Laundering is Here: How it is Moving into Payments

On: August 24, 2017

Join EverCompliant and the Merchant Acquiring Committee for a Webinar that explores the future of money laundering, and how the rise of the internet has given criminals an alternative method to wash their illegal proceeds.

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