Discover the Hidden Risk
of Transaction Laundering
in Your Merchant Portfolio.


Discover the Hidden Risk of
Transaction Laundering
in Your Merchant Portfolio.


Merchant Risk Based Tuning

We help you optimize the analytical performance of MerchantView based on a combination of your specific data and by gaining a detailed understanding of your unique risk policies. The result is a perfectly tuned risk-based solution with minimal false-positives, and well-adjusted scores and priorities to help your team work as efficiently as possible.

Deep Analysis Reports

For the riskiest merchants, or when comprehensive evidence is required, we offer a thorough analysis of the merchant’s web and social presence including an extensive network analysis. This is the online version of an extensive “boots on the ground” PI-based EDD report.

Test Transactions

To gather the conclusive evidence, we can execute test transactions on the websites of the transaction laundering suspects. With  hard evidence of transactions laundering activity, you are free to act according to your policies.

With an over 80% success rate, we provide an unparalleled ability to execute and provide timely evidence for a streamlined risk mitigation business process.

Violation Review & Analysis

As the nature of the findings can be offensive at times, we can serve as an extension of your team of risk analysts. We can work to eliminate HR issues associated with the explicit and extreme content being highlighted and reduce workloads in general. Based on your own workflow and business processes,  our team can work through and resolve the violations.

Support and Managed

We can extend all our services to provide tighter SLAs or other adjustments that you may need to support your operations. We will guide you through the entire process and work with you to make it as simple and effortless as possible.

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