Discover the Hidden Risk
of Transaction Laundering
in Your Merchant Portfolio.


Discover the Hidden Risk of
Transaction Laundering
in Your Merchant Portfolio.


Cyber Risk Intelligence and Transaction Laundering Detection

EverCompliant’s  robust multi-tier model provides acquirers, PSPs, ISOs, online marketplaces, payment facilitators and hosting providers with a range of solutions  to manage their merchant risk throughout their lifecycle. Our software serves our customers from sign up through onboarding/underwriting and on an ongoing basis. We analyze the online merchants’ websites, confirm their identity and true ownership structure via known and hidden checks, reveal any related and unreported websites (URLs), monitor their transactions, as well provide the tools to manage the risk post-detection. This is a truly robust and comprehensive approach to manage your risk.

The One Stop Shop for Detecting and Preventing
Merchant Based Fraud

Key Benefits

  • Achieves fastest time to market – pure SaaS, no integration required, within weeks or even days!
  • Manages your risk and reporting requirements through a robust case management system
  • Provides an automated, SaaS delivery model with full API support 
  • Delivers industry-leading transaction laundering detection capabilities
  • Covers all online and mobile channels – websites and apps
  • Grants approved MasterCard MMSP offering 75% amnesty on BRAM and transaction laundering violations
  • Helps reach conclusive business decisions efficiently and accurately
  • Gains new business opportunities with minimal overhead
  • Offers complete visibility into merchant portfolio and risk posture
  • Avoids fines, payments, legal action and more

MerchantView For AcquireRs, PSPs & ISOs

Understanding The Risk

Global proliferation of new payment systems creates a significant complexity level for acquirers and payment processors in understanding the true origin of the transactions passing through their systems. Additionally, the rapid increase of micro merchants, and the market’s demand for instant signup, creates a huge data overload that acquirers and payment processors find challenging to manage. The inability to detect this activity represents a serious business risk.

Acquirers, PSPs & ISOs, are unknowingly and unintentionally facilitating criminal activity as well as putting themselves at risk of potential fines, chargebacks, legal action and a risk of damaging their overall reputation and brand.

MerchantView detects and prevents transaction and money laundering activities, from entering your merchant e-commerce payment system. With MerchantView you can focus your risk management efforts on the riskiest merchants, allowing you to efficiently and effectively mitigate the merchant-based fraud risk from your merchant portfolio.

MerchantView for Marketplaces,
payment facilitators and Hosting PRoviders

Understanding The Risk

In a world of e-commerce and m-commerce, transaction laundering and merchant based fraud takes a different form. Online marketplaces, payment facilitators and hosting providers working with multiple third parties are often on their own when trying to figure out how to respond and prevent fraudulent ecommerce activity and find it very hard to identify third parties who act as transaction launderers.

At the same time Acquirers and PSPs are exposed to an ever growing regulatory pressure and demand more and more scrutiny from the online marketplaces, payment facilitators and hosting providers to keep their portfolios clean and riskless.

The inability to detect such risky, illicit, and illegal activity represents a serious business risk as one can unknowingly and unintentionally be facilitating money laundering and criminal activity. This in turn can lead to potential fines and chargebacks, legal actions, brand and reputational damage, and losing the ability to integrate with the payment systems altogether.

MerchantView detects and prevents transaction and money laundering activities, from entering the e-commerce payment system. MerchantView’s automated and instant detection capabilities allows businesses to verify and monitors all third party identities, allowing them to eliminate risky and illegal activity.

MerchantView Services

Merchant Risk Based Tuning

We help you optimize the analytical performance of MerchantView based on a combination of your specific data and by gaining a detailed understanding of your unique risk policies. The result – a perfectly tuned risk-based solution with minimal false/positives, and well-adjusted scores and priorities to help your team work as efficient as possible.

Deep Analysis Reports

For the riskiest merchants, and when comprehensive evidence is required, we offer a thorough analysis of the merchant’s web and social presence including an extensive network analysis. This is the online version of an extensive “boots on the ground” PI-based EDD report.

Test Transactions

In order to gather the conclusive evidence, we offer the service of executing test transactions on the websites of the transactions laundering suspects. With that hard evidence of transactions laundering activity, you are free to act as per your policies.

With over 80% success rate, we provide unparalleled ability to execute and provide timely evidence for a streamlined risk mitigation business process.

Violation Review & Analysis

The nature of the findings can be offensive at times. We offer our services that serve as an extension of your team of risk analysts. We can work to eliminate HR issues associated with the explicit and extreme content we are highlighting and reduce workload in general. Our team can act based on your own workflow and business processes to work through the violations and resolve them.

Support and Managed

The support services that are included in all our solutions can be extended to provide tighter SLAs or other adjustments that you may be looking for to better match your operation. We will guide you through the process and work with you to make it as simple and effortless as possible.

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