Discover the Hidden Risk
of Transaction Laundering
in Your Merchant Portfolio.


Discover & Prevent the Hidden Risks of
Transaction Laundering
in Your Merchant Portfolio.


MerchantView For AcquireRs, PSPs & ISOs

Understanding the Risk

As the global popularity of online payment systems continues to grow, acquirers and payment processors face significant challenges to understand the true origin of transactions processed through their systems.  Acquirers and payment processors are burdened with huge data overloads, attributed to both the rapid introduction of micro-merchants and the market’s demand for instant merchant signup.  The inability to effectively scrutinize the volumes of data in order to detect illicit activity creates serious business risks.

Acquirers, PSPs & ISOs, are unknowingly and unintentionally facilitating criminal activity, introducing the risks of potential fines, chargebacks, legal action and reputation damage.

MerchantView detects and prevents transaction and money laundering activities from entering your online merchant payment system. With MerchantView, you can focus your risk management efforts on the riskiest merchants, allowing you to efficiently and effectively mitigate merchant-based fraud risk from your merchant portfolio.

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