Fraud Trends 2016: Growth in Mobile-based Fraud is Coming

On: November 30, 2016

An old proverb says, “A thief is a thief, whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber.” In the fast-developing world of ecommerce, fraud and theft has become a...

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Transaction laundering – it’s easier than you think.

On: November 08, 2016

According to the U.S Census Bureau, the number of ecommerce transactions grew 3.7% between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016: an increase worth approximately $9.8 billion. With the rapid growth...

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False positives – a bigger problem than actual fraud?

On: November 02, 2016

Fraud is an ever-present and costly issue that plagues the payments industry. The sheer number of transactions being processed through payment networks makes it virtually impossible for industry stakeholders...

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