Superior Cyber Risk
Intelligence and Merchant
Fraud Prevention


Superior Cyber Risk Intelligence
and Merchant Fraud Prevention



MerchantView is proven to be the best solution available to detect and prevent Transaction Laundering. Using advanced, cyber intelligence techniques, MerchantView provides full insight into your merchant portfolio to minimize risk with no additional operational overhead.

Industry Leading Transaction Laundering
Detection Capabilities

Based on advanced, proprietary machine-learning technology, MerchantView automates the process of both monitoring and managing your client portfolio.

Cyber Intelligence Experts

MerchantView exposes and identifies both the known and unknown details via cyber intelligence. Our unique methodology allows you to detect hidden, often illegal, activity within your portfolio and helps you eliminate risk.

Detection of Compliance, Content &
Transaction Laundering Violations

Automatic identification and validation of illegal content and Transaction Laundering provides concrete evidences of actual, undisclosed activity. MerchantView instantly detects whether a merchant is involved in illegal online activity or fraud.

Fastest Time to Market

Pure SaaS solution with no integration required. Our average time to market can be measured in weeks or even days. With MerchantView, you can instantly minimize merchant-based fraud risk.

Accuracy With No Overhead

MerchantView’s accuracy, paired with its flexible risk-based tuning methodology, guarantees to decrease your false/positives, while optimizing findings that fit your risk profile.

Full Client Life-Cycle Support:
Insights About Your Merchants At Any Time

From signup to onboarding to ongoing content monitoring, we are always keeping watch to keep bad guys out of your portfolio. Through the use of MerchantView, our clients are protected and alerted when changes within their portfolio occur.

Our clients can reach conclusive business decisions in real time during any phase of  the client lifecycle – whether it is a snap decision on signup, a comprehensive onboarding review or a reaction to any major or minor changes during consistent content monitoring.

Most Accurate in the Market –
Prevents Risk and Creates Opportunity

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most accurate solution on the market. With accuracy and full insight into your portfolio, MerchantView helps you reach conclusive business decisions efficiently and gain new business opportunities.

We Fully Support Mobile!

MerchantView covers all online and mobile channels – websites and apps. 

Case Management –
Actionable Intelligence

MerchantView offers complete visibility into your merchant portfolio and risk posture. Manage your risk and reporting requirements through a robust case management system.

Beyond detection, a critical part in prevention is managing your risk and maintaining a transparent investigation and decision process, all the way to regulatory reporting. Centralizing and consolidating the way you fight cyber crime will help you increase control over your risk portfolio.

Fully Supports Frictionless Signup

MerchantView is a leading-edge, SaaS web application with full RESTful API support – no SDKs, no embedded code snippets, no integration required. The real-time service provides a risk decision within milliseconds to fully support a frictionless signup process.

Avoid Fines, Payments, Legal Action and More

Approved MasterCard MMSP offering 75% amnesty on BRAM and Transaction Laundering violations.

Give MerchantView a Try!

MerchantView is easy to use and seamless to implement. Try it today and with just a few simple steps identify the unknown risk in your client portfolio and take action to protect your business from the financial and operational disruption of scrutiny, investigations and financial penalties from the card brands.

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