Eliminate Risk.

Make Better Decisions.

Increase Opportunities.


MerchantView gives acquirers, PSPs, ISOs, PayFacs, hosting providers, and online marketplaces a simple tool to ensure no unknown entities are exploiting payment services to conduct electronic money laundering (Transaction Laundering). From signup to onboarding and throughout an entire merchant’s lifecycle, MerchantView takes on the extra quality control, allowing our clients to maintain a risk management framework that is in line with their business strategy.   By utilizing advanced cyber intelligence techniques, MerchantView protects businesses from association with illicit and potentially illegal and brand-damaging activity.

Product Overview

Transaction Laundering Detection & Prevention

Uncover hidden, suspicious and fraudulent e-commerce
activity that can create financial risks and liabilities.

Why EverCompliant?

  • Cyber Intelligence Tool Stops Transaction Laundering
  • Pure SaaS,  Fully Automated With No Integration Required
  • Complete Online Coverage – Websites & Mobile Apps
  • Proven Risk-Based Accuracy, Creates Minimal Workload
  • Improved Risk Management & New Business Opportunities
  • Elimination of Risks & Costly Fines

MerchantView™ is easy to use and seamless to implement. With just a few simple steps, you can uncover unknown risks and identify illegal and illicit activity in your client portfolio. Take preventative action and protect your business from the disruptions of large fines, legal and regulatory investigations and brand damage.

Our Clients

Our technology has helped some of the largest financial institutions including acquiring banks, payment service providers, and payment facilitators in North America, Europe and Asia.